More information about anxiety disorders

Let us talk now about what exactly is anxiety and what are its major symptoms, how do you know if you are suffering from anxiety. We have already mentioned how today’s merciless lifestyle implies a great amount of stress and let us be honest, who today hasn’t experienced some or other symptoms of anxiety. Clinical anxiety or neurosis is characterized by following disorders:

  • Constant neurosis
  • Hysterical reactions that aren’t justified
  • Hypochondria, or the belief that you suffer from many different conditions, while in fact there is nothing wrong with you
  • Unexplained phobias of various things
  • Compulsive neurosis, or the need to constantly do specific things for no apparent reason
  • Anorexia and bulimia

Neurosis are a result of long-term exposure to stress, and symptoms include inability to focus, emotional disorders, and easy irritably. In today’s stressful world, this is very common, and a consequence of chronicle neurosis there can be an increased gastric acid production and hypersensitivity of the gastric surface, which can cause a gastric ulcer, also it can often be accompanied by insomnia.

Hysterical reactions represent sudden emotional reactions to conflicting situations. They are characterized by sudden complain of body aches without any real physiological reason.

Hypochondria represent a pathological fear of diseases. The patient is convinced that he feels certain bodily issues when there is no reason for them. Patients who suffer from this often go to doctors appointments looking concerned they might have a disease they have only recently heard about.

Phobias represent irrational, pathological fear of differentoccurrences. For example the fear of flying, the fear of spiders or arachnophobia, fear of open spaces agoraphobia, fear of closed spaces claustrophobia, and others.

Compulsive neurosis is often shown by the patient who is repeating senseless actions. A good example for that is washing hands, for example, a person washes hands so much that it causes its hands to completely flatten and loose fingerprints. Other people however have incredible desire for “order”, they are obsessed with neatness and must constantly keep everything in order. The patient is fully aware that those actions are senseless but he still cannot resist the urge to do them. If that kind of individual is prevented in doing those things, he will start feeling a great amount of fear.

Anorexia and bulimia are considered psychological disorders with taking food. It is extremely often with young women and girls. It can often appear during puberty and is characterized by the person refusing to eat, because of constant fear of becoming overweight. Those persons are often extremely skinny to the point of becoming a danged to their health.

Until some time ago to help manage these problems doctors used mainly biturbirates but however in later time Benzodiazepines are found to be much more effective and with much smaller chance of negative side effects. So if you feel you are suffering from any of these, do not take treatment on your own hand but consult your doctor and be responsible.

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